Automate Your Fitness Studio's Marketing

Apex Websites puts your online lead generation on autopilot,
saving you time and effort so you can focus on running your fitness studio.

How It Works:

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What Does "Automate Your Fitness Studio's Marketing" Mean?
Each lead that opts in on your website gets followed up automatically by email sequences meant to start conversations with your lead or introduce them to your other offers.

How Does This Help You?
Apex Websites will nurture the lead for the first 7 days. The emails are written in a way to engage the prospect to ask questions and initiate a conversation with the website owner.

Our new completely redesigned trial system allows:


Promo Codes:

Why do you need promo codes?

how do they make your life easier?

Measure the effectiveness of  your marketing efforts

One Click Upsells:

How Do They Work?

Paid & Free Trial Offers:
Available for Each Program

Why is this important?

Apex Cart:
Integrated Checkout Shopping Cart Module

Why do you need this?

How does it work?

We know you are busy,
so we've made the setup process easy

Provide as much info as you wish, or let us completely handle the initial setup until we show you the proof within 2 weeks. Once you receive our initial design proof, your assigned graphic designer will customize according to your feedback until you are 100 % Satisfied.

Step 1

Provide minimal info, we'll
handle the rest.

Step 2

Review the initial design proof with your assigned designer.

Step 3

Finalize and Launch!

Unlimited graphic design & tech support Included + ability to make edits yourself

  • Our design team handles most design requests within 24-48 hours; However our Apex Admin Panel gives you access to make edits on the fly 24/7!
  • You can access the Apex Admin Panel with a simple username and password any time and quickly:
    • Update your online special offers
    • Make edits or additions to your staff members
    • Check your leads, never miss any email notifications & follow-ups

Real Time Website Analytics & SEO Statistics Reports

  • Check your website traffic site statistics to find out how many visitors your site is receiving (updates in real time);
  • Check your local SEO keywords that our software tracks for you to find out where you are ranked on Google, Yahoo & Bing against up to 5 of your local competitors.
    • See how many positions each keyword has gained or lost since the last scan (updates weekly)

Apex Cart: Create stand-alone checkout pages to Collect payments directly on the page

Apex Cart is a landing page module that integrates with your Apex Websites payment processor, and allows you to create event & product check out pages, all within the Apex  Admin Panel. 

  • Event signup pages
  • Flash sales on social media
  • Sell clothing and accessories

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